New Indian Model School, Al-Ain believes that each of our students must be catered with learning experiences consummate with individual needs. The school keeps in mind, the great commitment it has towards the society and thus prepares the inmates academically, physically, socially, and emotionally to lead productive lives. As education is an ongoing process throughout life, the school values the learners’ experiences which they receive from outside the class room and the school realizes that they play a vital part in the students’ total development.

Since its inception in 1994, the school has been securing cent percent success with the topmost grades in the Board Exams. Higher Secondary classes, both in Science and Commerce streams were started in 2001 as soon as the school moved to the new custom-built building in the School Area of Al Ain. Being the Examination Centre for both SSLC and HSE the school takes pride in annexing the revolutionary changes which happens in the realm of education in the state of Kerala. So far the school has produced highly fruitful citizens who enjoy very high positions both in their professional and social lives.

The school, under the guidance and support of the Abudhabi Education Council (ADEC) puts in its professional potential to become a part of Abudhabi Vision, 2030 and to raise its standards to match with the best practices in international education. The school has a strong faith in the growth of standards by sharing the best practices in education and through involving all its stakeholders in school development. The improvement journey of the school continues hand in hand with the Abudhabi Education Council.