The school pays individual care and attention to each and every student, including G & T and SoD.

Co-scholastic activities are highly promoted and they are targeted to develop the personal, social, and innovation skills of the student community.

Regular visits to various domestic locations are conducted for the kindergartens and primary students to enhance their practical experiences and socializing capabilities through the real-life outside.

Students get many opportunities to participate in various intra-school and inter-school activities, especially in the inter-school competition held by NIMS group of schools in the UAE.

Our Highlights

  • CBSE Curriculum up to G10.
  • Kerala state board curriculum from G11 and G12.
  • Malayalam is taught from G I
  • Urdu and Bengali are offered as optional languages.
  • Arabic is taught in K.G. classes.
  • Systematic coaching of Holy Quran and Islamic Studies for Muslim students.
  • Social, moral, and cultural studies are offered to students from G1-G12
  • Intensive computer studies for students from G1 onwards.
  • Classroom equipped with multimedia and Wi-Fi facilities.
  • Specially devised learning packages to tap out the talents of the students.
  • School Buses to all areas of Al Ain.
  • A blessing for expatriates in the UAE who aspire to quality education at a moderate fee structure.
  • Well-equipped ICT and Science laboratories to effect learning by doing.
  • Well-equipped library to facilitate higher levels of learning.
  • Child-centered, activity-based pedagogical strategy.
  • Well-trained student Counsellors and Special Education to meet with the challenging individualistic learning issues of the kids.
  • Well-set and highly organized sports department that offers varying kinds of sports and games.

The school has been the champion in many popular inter-school events in the UAE.