“Instruction begins when you, the teacher, learn from the learner, put yourself in his place so that you may understand what he learns and the way he understands it” – Soren Kierkegaard.
I feel proud to be the Senior Leader of the New Indian Model School, Al Ain, a part of NIMS Group of Schools, UAE. Nearly 15,000 expatriate students get erudition in all the five schools of NIMS Group, in the most modern learning environment.

The New Indian Model School, Al Ain is full-fledged with all kinds of student support systems and amenities required for a modern school environment. Being a member of the NIMS Group of schools, the school has a full-bodied capacity to offer the 21st Century skills to the student community.

The school’s vision is to be receptive to the best international practices and thus to mold the best international citizens who have the competence and adaptability to live in the future perky world. Reforms in teaching and learning to suit with the present and future centuries are an ongoing and interminable process which contributes a lot to the achievement of quality.

The daily functioning based on firm and effective school policies on child protection, anti-bullying, handling and resolving of parents’ complaints, pastoral care, induction, EHS(Environment, Health and Safety) etc. create a highly pleasant learning atmosphere. Regular communication with the parents through emails, SMS, and RIMS Parents’ Portal helps the school involve the parents in their wards’ academic progress and thus to facilitate school improvement daily. The quarterly and yearly surveys and opinion polls conducted among the students, parents and staff help the school to sharpen its professional excellence.

A well trained set of Post Graduate and graduate teachers who undergo periodic professional training sessions assist the students in diversifying their talents. Student Clubs on Arts, Science, Environment, Quiz, Debate and Sports are in full function and they have proved successful in enhancing the personal development of the students.

The school functions on the clear set goal of academic excellence based on a well-defined School Improvement Plan and time to time Self Evaluation. The Board of Governors, the Senior Leadership Team and the Middle Leadership Team jointly plan school improvement and carry out self-evaluation of the success of the plan regularly. These are communicated to the students, staff members, parents and the other stakeholders. This professional approach has contributed a lot to the advancement of the school.

We aim the success of all our students in a safe and pleasant learning environment.

With Best Wishes,

Abdul Karim Arif,